Something in the Woods II – MCD

Something in the Woods II – MCD


Something in the Woods II – MCD
?01. The Wild Frontier feat. Self Savior
?02. Come Inside feat. Loose Logic
?03. Cold Snaps feat. Coulter
?04. Medulla Oblongata feat. Cliffton, Coulter, Cryptic, Mayaya, Empires. Collapse, Von & Burna
?05. Branches feat. S. Cross & Ryan Messer
?06. The Fall
It’s almost impressive how this project is arranged with the fire track to open and the mediocre and passable songs intermittently throughout the rest of the project. I didn’t out right hate any of this some of it was just bland borderline audio zzquil, production was pretty clean I just didn’t find myself pulled into this project. I wanted to like this more then I did especially after the opening track and seeing the visuals for the project I can tell that there was some heart in this I think it just needed some more time in the kitchen.
5/10 – JW


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