Lost Souls EP – TSM Beeezy & Desire

Lost Souls EP – TSM Beeezy & Desire

Lost Souls EP – TSM Beeezy & Desire

????01. Omg

????02. Ghost

????????03. Peon

????04. City Mad

????????05. Number 9

????????06. Plan B

This is the sound of instant gratification and dopamine hitting the body’s of our youth. You got the NBA Youngboy sound packaged in a very short, fast package that honestly feels like quick swiping the popular sound. The flows are so fast and double timed to the death that if it wasn’t for me catching typical industry terms I wouldn’t have any idea what was being said. The production was dope but again everything was just mashed into something short. Then you have all the effects ever on these vocals, just scientifically hitting that annoying but catchy part of our brains. I am not mad at it, it’s not the best but its gone so quick that I don’t know if I need to run it back or just be happy it’s done. At least they got the sound down clean enough to sound right.

Project: 5.3/10 || Art: 5/10 – John D.

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