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Onyx 4 Life – Onyx

Onyx 4 Life – Onyx
Onyx 4 Life – Onyx
🆗01. The Whole World
👍🏾02. Ahhh Year f. Mad Lion
🔥03. Ha Ha Ha f. Cappadonna
🌊04. We Take
🆗05. South Side f. 🗑Panama PI
👍🏾06. Snitches Get Stitches
🔥07. We Got Chu f. Planet Asia
👍🏾08. Hold It Down
👍🏾09. Boom Bash
🔥10. Hard Shit f. SickFlo& Snak the Ripper
👍🏾11. Afficial Nast
🌊12. Demon Time
🌊13. Coming Outside
Project was made for cats who wear store brand jerseys, mad jewelry, shades and jean shorts every summer. This project only makes phone calls and doesnt text. I wasnt mad at it, had some corny moments, and some bad hooks but overall it was solid. Production was dope, the raps were here when they werent full on cartoonish in its delivery. Features were solid minus Panama recording his shit on a flip phone, and blending together 5 separate verses like he was cyphering with himself. I caught myself telling this project to relax a few times. Had moments but also had some stuff that felt forced or just dated. You can take a few songs off this but its not one to bring back.
6/10 – John D.
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