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The Usual Suspect – Jack Fro$t

The Usual Suspect – Jack Fro$t
The Usual Suspect – Jack Fro$t
🆗1. Pimps Up
👍🏾2. Drippin’ in Sauce f. Kado THG
🆗3. F**k N***a
👍🏾4. Raw f. Jamil Raheem
👍🏾5. Breathe f. 🌊Bk & 🌊Kamiya Sings
🆗6. Right Now f. Charvez the Rap God
👍🏾7. Who f. Fredo Korleon
🆗8. Yeah Yeah
Project is mad aggressive. Even the love song track 5 felt like the background screams when you getting jumped but with some smooth autotune singing on it. The quality is clean and he can rap a bit but its honestly drowned by his overthuggery, like that one homie who is cool when yall lowkey but turns into the Hulk after a lil bit of Hennessy. Features were solid, but overall this project just wasnt for me. I didnt hate it but I would never bump it again. I can see this project being for dudes who always jump up to slap street signs in public but don’t actually ball fucking with this one.
5/10 – John D.
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