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I Really Rap Too – JR Writer

I Really Rap Too – JR Writer
I Really Rap Too – JR Writer
🚒01. Still Got It
🔥02. Spirit of Rap
🚒03. Nothing Means Nothing f. 38 Spesh
🔥04. Levels In
🔥05. Grade A
🔥06. This is Not New f. Royce Da 5’9″
🔥07. Its Been A Long Time
🌊08. This Aint That f. Fred Money
🚒09. Way Too Easy
🔥10. Tryna Tell Em f. Fred Money & Dave East
🔥11. Dont Do It
🚒12. Pedigree
🔥13. Can I
Raps. All of them. Every single one. Its almost exhausting just imagining someone writing this many bars. Honestly I feel like the features were here for show because I have zero doubt in my mind that this man easily had raps to replace these verses just in case. Not to say they didnt snap but he had it covered. Production is dope too, very dirty beats they each had a type of grit too it. Harlem slick talk shit this project is easily something you can put on, quote, blast, whatever you need it to be as long as its done in a dramatic fashion. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.
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