Dark Hearted – Bway Yungy

Dark Hearted – Bway Yungy


Dark Hearted – Bway Yungy
?1. I Wonder [?‍♂️ why are you whining?]
?2. Turn On Tha Lights
?3. Focus
?4. Spazzin Out
?5. Misunderstood
?6. If You Love Me
?7. Love Cocaine
?8. Whats The Vibez
?9. Overdose
I don’t know where to fucking start. I don’t know if it’s the whining, the ear piercing change in voice, the ad libs leveled way too high, the punch ins blending into words making words almost incomprehensible, the bad use of auto tune, or the misguided lyrics. It’s all bad. Anytime I felt like he had something, he ruined it with a Nicki Minaj alien sounding voice change up or just an outright corn field level bar. I’m angry..
0/10 – D


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