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Cathartic – Dirty Needles

Cathartic – Dirty Needles

Cathartic – Dirty Needles

🔥1. Borderline
🆗2. Revenge of the Nerds (ft. Liz Rees)
🔥3. Lazarus
👍4. Like Glue
👍5. Nintendo 64
🌊6. Shattered
🆗7. Somber (ft. Steph Geber)
👍8. The Awakening (ft. DJ Mrok)
🆗9. Makin’ It (ft. Alexa Gold)
🚒10. Barbasol (ft. Coast LoCastro & ReVyved)

This was a pretty dope project. Dude can rap and when he gets personal you can hear the emotion in his voice. The quality threw me off a bit at times, and sometimes it ruined how hard a track bumped. Some of the hooks were also a little weak (singer wise) but his verses, lyrics, flow and delivery were all consistently on point so it wasn’t enough to completely ruin any of the songs. Keep up the dope work.

6.5/10 – D1C3


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