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Split – Sae

Split – Sae

Split – Sae

🌊1. You or Me
🌊2. Cocky
🆗3. Word 2 Mommy
👍🏾4. The Jeffersons
🌊5. Go Krazy
🔥6. Reflection
👍🏾7. On My Savage
🔥8. Ville
🌊9. The Towns

Project is solid, dude can rap, got a strong voice and the production is solid. Nothing really slap slapped but he got real close. I was enjoying myself but I always felt like something small could be added or done to elevate each track. Overall a solid body of work, also it has that replay value too because it wasnt too long and straight to the point. If I had to nitpick I didnt really hear the emphasis on the split personalities thing that I went into this looking for because of the cover and title. Other than that very solid all around. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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