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For What It’s Worth – Freedom the 10th Wonder

For What It’s Worth – Freedom the 10th Wonder

🔥01. For What It’s Worth (Intro)
🔥02. Testing
🔥03. The Rapture
🔥04. GOD’s Artist
🌊/🔥05. ETC/Deja Vu
🌊06. Back Stabbers f. Dominoes Slime
🔥07. What They Wanted
🚒08. I’m Violent
🌊09. Bloody Mary
🌊10. Gang & Nem f. Ken Trip & Party Mike
🌊11. Prey on Me
🆗12. No Fear f. Tae
👍🏾13. Lost Connection f. Vino
🔥14. Tl Infinity f. Kicks Kapri
🔥15. Turn Me Up f. P Robb

Project is a good ass time. Just so its known, he got the funniest catchiest and most annoying ad lib, yes all at the same time. I love it, hate it, and couldnt stop saying it or even wait for it. He can fucking rap. Front to back he was talking nice, he gave a fucking performance. This is 1000% a passion project. I could hear the care, the stories, the wins, the losses, everything. Even the features seemed like they were picked very specifically. Everyone showed up for the most part, I wasnt 100% on Vino but it wasnt awful. Take 2 songs off of this and it is close to a masterpiece. I am now a fan, might check his catalog out and cant wait to see what this project will do for his career. In heavy rotation.
8/10 – John D.

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