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Dismal Spring – Moemaw Naedon

Dismal Spring – Moemaw Naedon

Dismal Spring – Moemaw Naedon

🌊01. Triptopia
🆗02. Dizzy Gophers
🌊03. Sun Beam War Ship
🌊04. Love, Prey, Heel
🌊05. Back Alley Shaman
🌊06. Super Highway Information
🌊07. Wet Grass Hologram
👍🏾08. Stardust Freeway
🔥09. Chants of Confusion
🔥10. March Third f. Glenncito
🌊11. Burgundy Overcast

Project is like 30% hip hop and 70% video game music. Not bad at all but the entire time I couldnt help but think that these are throwaways that are missing a slight pop. They are smooth for sure, but felt like they didnt have that final touch added so a beat tape was put together. Not bad tho, its not too long, the pacing wasnt necessarily there for me but it still did what it had to do. I put it on, turned GTA online on, and it didnt bug me at all. It provided a dope atmosphere. Very clean all around. Not mad at it at all. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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