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Skuba Sada 2 – Sada Baby

Skuba Sada 2 – Sada Baby

Skuba Sada 2 – Sada Baby

🚛01. Aktivated 😂🤣😂🤣
💩02. Slide (the worst shit i ever heard in my life)
🌊03. SkubaRu (he was punching wild crazy)
😴04. Bully Ball
🌊05. No Talkin
🆗06. Off White Whoop
🌊07. Outside f. Trap Manny
🆗08. Lame
🌊09. Say Whoop
🌊10. Pressin f. King Von
👍🏾11. 2K20

This raps like an animaniac from the hood. Project is wild but I will say he is fucking rapping rapping. Like he punching all over the place, saying funny shit, saying hood shit, and all the wild shit that i was not mad at. The production was wild, very all over but nothing terrible (minus track 2). Its a clean project straight to the point, but its very clear that he carries it. He is so aggressive but its very believable. I wasnt mad at it at all. Everything he said came to me clear and i was catching mad punchlines and his crazy delivery and flow was working. Not bad at all, I might be buggin but in rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.

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