Blooming, Vol. 1 – Kodie Shane

Blooming, Vol. 1 – Kodie Shane

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Blooming, Vol. 1 – Kodie Shane

?1. No Rap Kap f. Trippie Redd
?2. Not Tonight
?3. Test Me
?4. Timing
??5. 2 Many
?6. Blooming

Project starts strange, first song I thought she was just a raspy voiced lady but then realized it was Trippie. After that tho it had some smooth stuff, when its slowed down she slides, but when she goes super new aged it got very generic. Overall it was cool tho, nothing im gonna remember forever but bearable enough to just put on especially if I have someone over type vibe. Its good background music, its a quick listen too so thats a plus. Not bad at all. In rotation.
6/10 – John D.


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