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The Notorious MKG 2 – Marx

The Notorious MKG 2 – Marx

The Notorious MKG 2 – Marx

😴2.Hull Boys ft. Cameo Brooks & Felix
🌊3.Glass of Rosé ft. Ill Conscious🔥
😴4.Beautiful World
😴5.The Champion
🆗6.Cocky Prick
👎🏼7.M.A.R.T.I.N. Ft. Fast T
🆗8.Too Scared to Be Human
🌊9.My Heroes ft. Reminiss🔥

I think he’s rapping for kids that want to join the IRA when they grow up but lack the stamina. This project is full of generic bars. Most of it comes off boring or straight corny. The production makes you want to love it but he just isn’t doing any of it justice. There were lots of scrambled sentences where he tried to do way too much and it would take away from the entire verse. Most of the features ate him alive too, still wasn’t enough to save it. This is that foreign new age, I’m cool on it.
3.5/10 -Frank

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