The League – Lil Bando & Crain

The League – Lil Bando & Crain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The League – Lil Bando & Crain

?01. Me70
?02. Harden
?03. A.I. (Ft J-Smoove)
?04. Lebron
?05. Shaq
?06. The League (Ft J-Smoove)
?07. JR (Bonus Track)
?08. Kobe (Bonus Track)

There’s potential here the production and mixing are straight some of the beats bump, that being said while the raps are in the pocket the flows are uninspired and they use the same cadence on almost every song. I didn’t hate what they were saying necessarily while it was pretty standard new age raps they would say some clever shit regularly enough to be passable they just sound wild bored.
I’m not mad at it I just want some more enthusiasm.
5/10 -JW


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