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Lo&Behold – lojii

Lo&Behold – lojii

Lo&Behold – lojii

🌊01. Patience
🌊02. lo&behold f. Swarvy
🔥03. u callin’ me f. Pink Siifu, Akeema-Zane & Swarvy
🌊04. trippin’ (i like it) f. 92 Colby
👫🏾05. Get Up (Interlude)
🌊06. uhoh(whereyoho@?) f. Swarvy
🗣07. Stay Focu$Ed (Interlude)
🌊08. brite kid f. Jacob Rochester
🌊09. each day (i pray for) f. Alexander Spit
🌊10. Between Hu$Tles
🗣11. Biggavelli 3:23
🌊12. good faith f. Nikko Gray & Jacob Rochester
🌊13. longwayhome f. Alexander Spit
🌊14. Over&Over / Round&Round
🌊15. Myself
🌊16. Wisdomlude

Entire project slides. Front to back. Not a single song on here that isnt silk. He talking that shit too man its very solid. The best way to describe it is like being in an elevator but with a badass that smokes cigarettes telling stories. Everything blended together, the beats were almost intoxicating so its very easy to listen to, zone out or whatever to it. Features all fit perfectly, and the content is very real too if you focus on it. It all works, its not that long either so replay city. In rotation for sure.
7.5/10 – John D.

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