Newport 1000s – Koncept Jack$on

Newport 1000s – Koncept Jack$on

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Newport 1000s – Koncept Jack$on
?1.Mans in Town
?2.Negative Feedback Loop
?3.The Thothchilds
?4.Golden Theacherz ft. Preta Sessa?
?5.Murder Call$
?6.Butterknife-Cut Tension
?7.Niggas Scared (skit)
?8.Siakam-Tint Tesla
?9.Bethlemhem Strip
?10.Everlasting Niggas
??12.Shiraque ft. YL

They brought the OG bars and it was fucking heat! Everything on this joint had me nodding. Great shit to drive to. Had me wanting to go to work and punch boxes. It’s a right in your face type feel with some nostalgia on top. Great ride.
8/10 -Frank


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