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Somewhere in the Cloudz, Pt. 1 – Cj Mobley

Somewhere in the Clouds, Pt. 1 – Cj Mobley

🌊1. Came Out the Pound
😴2. Dreams of California
🆗️3. Jungle (ft. Phantom🆗️)
🌊4. Imagining Your Presence

Somewhere lost in the sauce. Mans flowed nice for 2 minutes on the intro. Sliding into track 2, it’s some “Falling Down” type shit from Lil Peep but it doesn’t have enough appeal to keep your attention. Mobley can flow for sure but putting that War Dogs clip and Phantom on “Jungle” wasn’t a smooth move, killed replay value. The last track is a suprise; relatable topic, and the man puts legit emotion into it. I’ll take 2 joints from this and add I’m rotation.
5/10 – Drake K.

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