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Blind For Love3 – Kid Buu

Blind For Love3 – Kid Buu

Blind For Love3 – Kid Buu

🆗1. Plastic
🚮2. Chicken Soup
💤3. Billie
🚛4. Tooley f. RSK
🚮5. Impatient
💩6. Expensive S**t
🚛7. Rockstar Life

Whiney screamy sad cry cry. He sounds like when you were young and imitated them LA Foo’s saying “meng” after everything with that high pitch voice. This project for the kids that huffed glue in the 90’s and arent in jail currently. Production is typical new age but this dude makes it all so bad by just making squishy noises all over it. Its so bad its not even fair. If it was any longer, my tips wouldve ended up frosted blue via osmosis. Please throw this away, and if you have kids that bump this its time to instill a bit of Munchausen Syndrome. Throw this shit out.
.5/10 – John D.

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