Solo – Create/ur

Solo – Create/ur

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Solo – Create/ur

?1.BAY BAY ft. Twenty2Eli
?2.Club Shadow
?3.Did You Wrong
?4.Ill Say
?5.Gen Kids
?6.Show Me
??7.In Love With You
??8.Queen (Beat was ?)
?9.Sleep On Me (ironic)
??10.So Long

The theme of this project and the voice effects really didn’t work for me. I can tell they have talent it’s just not being utilized correctly. They would have more luck trying a more upbeat project. But this shit is high key for trying to put your baby to sleep. Super boring, reminds me of elevator music or the background tunes in the Sims games. Pass.
2/10 -Frank


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