Under Pressure – Teejayx6

Under Pressure – Teejayx6

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Under Pressure – Teejayx6
?01. Profiles
?02. Credit Scores
?03. Swipe Story 2
?04. Dumps & Pins
?05. Emma Clark
?06. Swipe Story
?07. CashApp
?08. Bin
?09. Free Sauce
?10. Dark Web

Project is dusty ass cheeks. Production is doo doo my guy raps like tee grizzley if you hit him with a brick, can barely stay in the pocket. If i had to listen to one more song about credit scamming i was gunna fall asleep. Honestly hes gotta be fronting because the whole project is basically a confession tape. Straight up snitching on himself.
0\10 – JW


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