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Hu$band – Father

Hu$band – Father

Hu$band – Father

💤1. Joestar
🆗️2. Hexes (ft. Meltycanon🌊)
👍🏻3. Handful
😴5. A lot on ur plate
🚮6. Family Function (ft. Zack Fox👎🏼)

If I was this mans father, I would’ve gone out for a pack of smokes for a decade or two. This means writes terrible verses, and some tolerable books. Mans was on the clout/soundcloud shit the whole way through. But he does have a good ear for some 🔥 beats. Meltycanon has a beautiful ass singing voice and Zack Fox is a wannabe ZillaKami. College radio ready.
2/10 Drake K.

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