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The Check In – Shee Blue

The Check In – Shee Blue

The Check In – Shee Blue

🌊01. Check In
🔥02. Shadows
🆗03. No Love
😴04. This What They Want
💤05. Routine
👍🏾06. Right Now f. Emanny
🆗07. Hooked On You f. 👎🏾Marina Swift
🔥08. Win The War f. INF! & Eastside EA&Y
🔥09. How To Get Away With Murder f. Connie Diiamond & Rah Digga
🌊10. DMV
🔥11. Best of Me

Project is cool, I couldve done without the really new age sounding ones dead center but the start and finish were strong as fuck. Quality is here, production is cool, pacing is meh tho. She can rap her ass off, and she also showed that up against others that can also rap they asses off. Its clean, its got new age but shines when its gets to the nitty gritty. Her cadence, and flow is elite. Not a bad project at all. Knock out those mid 5 track tho and you got a dope ep. In rotation.
6.7/10 – John D.

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