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Herstory in The Making – Young M.A.

Herstory in The Making – Young M.A.

Herstory in The Making – Young M.A.

πŸ”₯01. No Mercy(intro)
πŸ†—02. Da Come Up
πŸ†—03. BIG
πŸ”₯04. Kold World
πŸ”₯05. PettyWap
πŸ‘Ž06. The Lyfestyle
πŸ‘07. Smoove Kriminal
🌊08. Stubborn Ass
πŸ‘09. RNID
πŸ†—10. She Like I’m Like
🌊11. Numb
🌊12. Bipolar
πŸ”₯13. Bleed
πŸ”₯14. No Love (ft M.A.)
πŸ”₯15. Car Confessions
πŸ‘16. Foreign
πŸ†—17. NNAN (ft Relle Bey, Max YB)
πŸ†—18. My Hitta
πŸ†—19. Sober Thoughts ( ft Max YBπŸ’©)
πŸ”₯20. Crime Poetry (Outro)
πŸ‘21. PettyWap 2

This project would be way better if she didn’t rap like she’s got lockjaw. I enjoyed the songs that touched on deeper subjects and actually had some substancr. For the most part all the ingredients are here she’s got some slick bars, fire beats, fire production but delivers all of it in the most underwhelming form possible for most of the project.
5.5/10 – JW

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