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Chaos Is My Balance – O.G. Burnie

Chaos Is My Balance – O.G. Burnie

Chaos Is My Balance – O.G. Burnie

🆗01. Dear Amerikka f. 🥗Bobby Briz
😴02. The Declaration of War
👎🏾03. Hell 2.0
🆗04. Ogb
💤05. Dissrespekful
💤06. Str8 Pussy
👎🏾07. Impulse Control Disorder (Napoleon Blown Apart)
🌊08. Carnage “Minefield” f. Nu
😴09. Devil’s Son II
👍🏾10. Demons in My Head
💤11. Bad Intentions

That first verse was highkey a no frills Eminem BET freestyle, while ya panickin, starin at mannequins, going to fanagans. Midkey this whole project sound like Burnie got a hold of one of his angsty white homies diarys and wrote raps around what he was reading, sometimes adding his own angst and what not. This one of those cats in school that you knew was a nerd but never would fight because his lineup was never pristine. The mix is all over, sometimes he can rap, sometimes its cringeworthy bars (track 7, from that napoleon shit to fart bars) sometimes hes yelling its just weird. Beats were nice but he didnt do much justice, everything was just wild no actual direction but it had main subjects to kind of make you feel like it had direction. Not worth it. Try a more focused project. Next.
3/10 – John D.

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