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Mr. Perfect – Jiggs

Mr. Perfect – Jiggs

Mr. Perfect – Jiggs

🔥1. Iconic ft. Samuel Shabazz
🔥2. Mr. Perfect
👍🏼3. 285
👍🏼4. OG Interlude
🌊5. Halftime
🌊6. Good Riddance
👍🏼7. Sink or Swim
🌊8. What A Day

Production is smoother than a sweet potato. Mans got more bars than Rykers. Beats hit harder than your step father. The man stayed in the pocket tracks 1-8. It slowed down after the first couple tracks but it’s evident the man knows who he is and what he’s doing. Gonna have to bump this a few more times to really catch everything. In rotation!
7/10 Frankie

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