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💤 01. America Reject (Feat. Supa Bwe)
🌊 02. In My Head (Feat. Ty Dolla $ignSerayah)
🆗 03. Streaming Services (Feat. 1_Zxxko & Melo Makes Music)
🚮 04. Kids N The Sky
👍 05. Singing The Blues (Feat. 🔥 Femdot)
🚮 06. I Miss You (Feat. Mr Hudson)
🌊 07. No One Outside (Feat. Bianca Shaw &Chance The Rapper)
🚮 08. One, Two (Feat. Forever Band)

This project sounds like all the F-Side records off of a Chances throwaway hard drive. Production is solid throughout as it should be. But, all I kept thinking to myself the entire time was “Damn he sounds like untalented Chance The Rapper”. He does the exact same things as Chance, Just terribly. Just let your brother handle the music thing my guy.
3/10 – M.

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