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Sensational – Yung Gravy

Sensational – Yung Gravy

👍🏾01. Gravy for Pope
🌊02. Buttered Up f. Juicy J
🆗03. Charlene f. MIA GLADSTONE (He ruined this song)
👍🏾04. The Boys Are Back in Town f. Pouya, Ramirez & Trippy Tha Kid
🌊05. Magic
😴06. Whip a Tesla f. bbno$
😂07. Daddy Aioli Interlude
🆗08. Gravy Train
🚮09. E.T. f. Lil Mayo
🚛10. Alley Oop f. Lil Baby
👎🏾11. Richard Simmons
🚮12. Pizzazz
😴13. 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot

Project is ass. Young Gravy himself is Sauceless. I will get the good out the way tho, The features (most not all) did they thing, and the production is dope but it just wasnt enough. This dude ruined most of it. Project goes from accepting that this is a gimmick, to realizing this might actually be the cap on his skill level. Trash. No matter how much money you throw at something or how many gimmicks you cook up to give you buzz, you cant hide that your raps are buns. Throw this out. Its mildly funny but after the first few laughs at the R&B “Whooaahhh” it all gets old quick.
3/10 – John D.


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