Bi-Polar – Yung Baz

Bi-Polar – Yung Baz


Bi-Polar – Yung Baz
??01. Coffins (We Get It, You Can Rap Fast)
?02. Damn Name f. Shake
?03. Frostbite f. Shake
??04. Window
??05. Hate Me
?06. Geekend (hook slides)
??07. Twimc
?08. Not a Issue f. Ty2fly
?09. My Feet f. Shake & KKC
?10. Woke Up in PC Pre Outro f. Bainon
??11. Sober Outro
“Im really from the struggle I be eatin grits” sums up this project. This is some appropriation, with 2 cups of I fucked your bitch, 1 ounce of mumble, 2 generous handfuls of autotune mixed together in a rap fast blender, I would say add seasoning but then that would be full on stealing black culture. Projects very new age, he never really does enough to make this matter. The only shock value I got is when he said he was white on one of the tracks so kudos to having me thinkin you were one of those nerdy black kids that tried to convince us yugioh got better outside of the cartoon. Quality is weird songs get loud or are silent without me changing volume and the features were as bad as him and this whole project.
John D.


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