Headcrack – Rome Streetz & Futurewave

Headcrack – Rome Streetz & Futurewave


Rome Streetz x Futurewave – Head crack
?01. Sniff It Outta C-Note
?02. Headcrack
?03. Knee Deep
?04. N.Y. Do or Die
?05. Fortune Favors The Bold
?06. Temptation
?07. We Ain’t The Same
?08. Acid Tab (ft Daniel Son)
?09. The Hustle
?10. Foul Lifestyle
?11. She’s Like Keesha from Belly
This project slides production is fire he’s snapping for 11 tracks straight without straying into word salad territory or really losing a step. With the amount of garbage we have to go through it’s nice to come across something that ain’t just another polished turd. I just hope bruh can keep this momentum this is quality hip hop. My only critique is on some of the songs his voice struggles to be heard over the beat it’s not a persistent problem but it was especially noticable on track 5.


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