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Trunk Muzik 3 – Yelawolf

Trunk Muzik 3 – Yelawolf
Trunk Muzik 3 – Yelawolf
🔥01. TM3
🔥02. Catfish Billy 2
👍03. Rowdy
🆗04. Special Kind of Bad
🆗05. Like I Love You
🔥06. Drugs
🆗07. Trailerpark Hollywood
🔥08. No Such Thing As Free
🔥09. We Slum
🔥10. Box Chevy 6
👍11. All The Way Up
💤12. Over Again
🌊13. Addiction
🌊14. Over Here
Project is nice there’s a few fire tracks but honestly this project suffers from how many lackluster songs made the cut, get rid of half the tracks and you got a dope Lil piece. There’s a handful of features and they all do their thing for the most part. Production picks up a lot of the slack most of these beats slap. Give it a listen but be ready to skip a few along the way.
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