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Goddamnmaddog – Young Moriarty

Goddamnmaddog – Young Moriarty
Goddamnmaddog – Young Moriarty
🌊01. God (Reaper)
👍02. Paradox ft Ron Solemn
🆗03. Don’t test me
👎04. Damnation II
🆗05. Plato’s Cave
🆗06. I Was Once The Night
👎07. Mad, Going
🆗08. Send The Addy
👎09. Kubrick Mafia
🌊10. Dog II
🌊11. Mood Swings
👎12. Blackteeth
This album is a CONFUSING body of work, and boy after being gone for a while this is something to come back too. It’s a whole mix of things, hard to describe but I’m going to try my best. The album has it’s moments where you don’t know what he is saying but the production already had you in the zone, that is where my next point comes in. Did I actually listen to a word he was saying NO! It all sounded like mumble jumble meet the Kardashians Travis Scott type auto tune. The good news is it is listenable, you will get suck in on the production and before you know it, you are done with the album. Besides the production nothing hit home for me, my favorite track would have to be Dog II. Master your pen and the rest should fall into place.
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