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Cuz iDGAF – DruGunn$

Cuz iDGAF – DruGunn$
Cuz iDGAF – DruGunn$
🗣1. Why I Feel This Way
🌊2. Cuz iDGAF f. Prema
🔥3. Brown Bag (this hook, and this sample, gold.)
🌊4. I’m the Man
🔥5. Negro Spiritual
🚒6. M.O.M.M.A
🌊7. Dr. Frankenstein
🌊9. Truthful Me
Project is aggressively hip hop. Dudes got cadence, delivery, flows, substance and the pacing is on point, minus track 8, but I get why a song like that was needed. This is my first time hearing dude and honestly Id be shocked if he hasnt been studying rap and just rapping since birth. To have this much presence on wax is not easy, takes time and mad confidence. Production on here works everything works, features all did they thing too. Project is one of those ones that break my heart because this is my first listen and more people probably havent heard it either. In rotation.
John D.
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