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GIRL – Young Baby Tate

GIRL – Young Baby Tate
GIRL – Young Baby Tate
🌊 1. New Girl
🆗 2. That Girl
💤3. Pretty Girl Remix ft Killumantii & Mulatto there’s
🆗4. Bad Girl
🌊5. Cozy Girl
🆗6. Wild Girl ft Bbymutha
💤7. Freaky Girl
🌊8. Play Girl
💤9. Lover Girl ft Baby Rose
👍10. Flower Girl
👎11. Hot Girl ft Kari Faux
Here is the thing about this, the project is mostly upbeat club scene type production, every song stays on topic with the song title which I like. ( The little things matter here), lyrically nothing here is great or good, it’s ok but the substance is just the same bragging, not many different ways to say you “can’t do it like me”. For what it is though its catchy pop tunes and the lane I’ll put it in is like the catch me out side girl section, but her lyrics are better. In all it’s ok I wouldn’t pick this up but I can see a few of these songs coming back around in the summer.
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