No Stylist – French Montana

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No Stylist – French Montana

??1. No Stylist f. Drake
?2. Juice
?3. Nervous

Tracks are a good time, production fire, its annoyingly catch. Even the awful autotune on the Drake track was caught in my head after hearing it once. Every other song I know damn near by heart off of first listen. I hate it. its catchy, its simple, comical, sounds super clean and fire. The louder I played it, the better it got. I shouldnt like this, but I love it. The substance is ratchet, or drake and his spicy clap at yeezy which will be blown out of proportion. If summer didnt just end this couldve went on the summer playlist for most blockparties and such. In rotation. (Still upset about it)
John D.



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