Binge – Machine Gun Kelly

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Binge – Machine Gun Kelly

?1. Long time coming
?2. Loco
?3. GTS
?4. Rap Devil
?5. Nylon
?6. Lately
?7. Signs (feat. 24 hrs)
?8. Get the broom
?9. Livefastdieyoung

After listening to this I’ve come to a conclusion…. I understand why MGK is opening up for Fall Out Boy. This project despite all the slapping production is as bad as the Cleveland browns franchise, I get your trying to squeeze all the money you can before we forget about you forever, but shit at least make it decent. Out here stealing from the people…Do more movies, and less of this trash.

P.S. this type of stuff is what people call mumble rap.



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