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Biggest Blessings – Project Youngin

Biggest Blessings – Project Youngin

Biggest Blessings – Project Youngin

👍🏾1. Meant to Be
😴2. Hold It Down
😴3. Biggest Blessing f. NBA YoungBoy
💤4. No Where to Be Found
😴5. Part of the Game
👎🏾6. Times Changed
🆗7. Wrong Intentions
🚛8. Apologize
😴9. Rock Star S**t
🆗10. Nobody
🆗11. How I’m Living

Project is like going to a shitty chinese buffet, with different varieties of the same exact shit. Now take all that shit and replace it with rap singing. This dude is autotune rap singing, regular rap singing, singing rap singing and its all painful. Sprinkle in the typical new age street lines and basic ass production. Nothing had replay value, it honestly was like one big song its just at certain part he decided to get more annoying or tone down. Wild boring. Michael Vick powerade commercial pass on this one.
John D.

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