Just Another Day 2 – VvG

Just Another Day 2 – VvG

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Just Another Day 2 – VvG

?1. Trappin in E Minor
?2. XXL
?3. Figure4
?4. Right Now
?5. Narcos
?6. Cointelpro
??7. All Over Ya Face
?8. 1973

Projects fire. Fire raps, fire beats, its short but manages to feel complete. It didnt leave me wanting more from this project but left me wanting another project. Shit came together perfectly. Dude can fucking rap, and this production complements that 100000%, if i have to say anything bad about this is that i wanna see him tell a full on story, put the flows and such away for a bit and tell me one solid 3 verse story progression to complete that arsenal. Other than that, in rotation for sure, great fuckign listen.
John D.


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