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Atm – CashOnly

Atm – CashOnly

Atm – CashOnly

🆗1. K.M.A.
😴2. New Era
😴3. Up All Night
🆗4. Opinion
😴5. Interlude Changed
🌊6. Can’t Pick Up
😴7. Who Dis
🚮8. Can’t Tell
🌊9. Ride

Project just fell short of regular but there is promise. Dude at some points has some ideas but allot of the time its just a catchy melody via typical new age lyrics that he beats to death by repeating it over and over again. Production is cool tho. If the songs were a bit shorter could’ve made a big difference but other than a fairly clean sound and some catchy melodies, nothing really saves it. Its like pulling out a struggle end piece lunch sandwich in public and dropping it in front of everyone. That sustenance you wanted is gone and you start to think was it all just a waste of time. It was, because it wasn’t gonna be good to begin with.
John D.

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