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Traplantic – Shoreline Mafia

Traplantic – Shoreline Mafia

Traplantic – Shoreline Mafia

🚮1. C notes ( feat. Fenix Flexin & Ohgeesy)
🚮2. Traplantic
🚮3. Change ( feat. Da$h) 
🚮4. Drip
🚮5. Dear God
🚮6. How I rock
🚮7. LA Flocker / Rackae
😓8. Dirty ( feat. Fenix Flexin)
🚮9. Get it ( feat Master Kato)
🚮10. Aint me
🚮11. Bands ( feat. Ohgeesy, Fenix Flexin & Master Kato)

Project is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.  I don’t fucking understand why people let alone “industry” people think is ok in anyway… terrible raps over terrible beats… you paid these fucking clowns money for this…horrifying to even think about it….

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