HaHa – Benzo Kawaii

HaHa – Benzo Kawaii


HaHa – Benzo Kawaii
?1. Haha
?2. Benzo Kawaii
?3. Fuego
?4. Fadoodle
?5. Numb
?6. #LongLiveYoungReid Interlude
??7. Hit A Lick
??8. My Sunshine
?9. Hazel
?10. Revenge
??11. Molly (Hook is rough)
?12. Bully Kawaii *Bonus*
?13. Come and Talk To Me Freestyle *Bonus*
?14. Benzo Kawaii Remix

Project is weak. Dude can rap for the most part and also can sing his ass off but this project was riddled with lazy and dated punchlines, wack attempts at new age swag raps and some of the production was buns. Project seemed like a random compilation of tracks, nothing really strung together minus the like few dope songs that usually had a female subject matter (lowkey shoulda took those songs and made an ep). If he sticks to his strong points the story rap (feels) and singing a bit he could be a problem. Till then, “GET THAT CORN OUTTA MY FACE” ~ Nacho Libre
John D.


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