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Vibes – Neno Black

Vibes – Neno Black
Vibes – Neno Black
👍🏾1. Vibes
🆗2. Feelin It
🌊3. Stunt
👍🏾4. Self Motivation
⏯️😴5. Hands On My Dick f. The Boy Illinois
🆗6. 2-3 Zone
👎🏾7. Presidential
🔥8. King of All

Project is ok, dude can rap a lil bit, the production was dope, but for the most part it was very underwelming all together. Nothing too crazy, very safe and simple. Not bad but not like great, just ok minus 2 tracks. Lots of potential tho, his cadence was cool, bars meh, flow ok, but nothing makes me want to come back to give anything a second listen, minus that last song. Just enough to dodge a pumkin.
John D.

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