Devoted – Scotty Mac

Devoted – Scotty Mac

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?1. Be Devoted Be Free f. Monique
?2. Live It Up
?3. Better Me 
?4. Like a Queen
?5. Lyrical Murder
?6. So Rude f. Status631
?7. Blood, Sweat, And Tears f. iDeal2Times & MarcFlair
?8. Run Away
?9. Moment of Silence
?10. No Sleep f. Stakczdadon OMFT
?11. Bad to the Bone f. Arsen Meyers
?12. H City Anthem f. Stix Side Music
?13. My Testimony

So let me start by saying I appreciate that Scotty Mac seems to have a good message in most of his songs and that’s great, we need more positivity in the hip hop community. Now that that’s been said, this album is overall very forgettable not a single track has replay value. The artists featured are mostly ok but no one stood out over everyone else. Production is decent definitely of a higher caliber. Scotty’s lyrical ability did not impress me at all especially considering one of the songs is called “Lyrical Murder” and is probably the worst song on the whole project. No disrespect intended but most of the bars are extremely corny and feel outdated. I get the sense that Scotty Mac knows that sometimes words rhyme but that’s about as far as his rhyming ability goes. All in all I do not recommend sitting through this album just skip the whole project all together its basura.




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