Impulz – PhZD

Impulz – PhZD

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?1. Last Summer
??2. Nxworries
?3. Mind$Et
??4. T1 (It’s About Time)
?5. City Roller
?6. Own Your Heart
?7. T2 (Losing Time)
?8. Why You Leave
??9. Hypebeast
?10. Waste My Time
?11. T3 (Out of Time)
?12. January
?13. Real Talk (Home, Pt.1)
??14. Reflection (Home, Pt.2)
?15. Impulz
?16. Supa Bad (bonus)

Album is mad smooth, very creative and very versatile. Dude sings, raps on some new age shit at times too and it vibes, also has dope hooks everything blends well. This album is the product of how dudes feel after getting a shape up or texts back from they crush. A very good listen, and the fire songs on here def stand out. In rotation.
John D.


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