????01. On They Way

????02. Courtesy Of

????????03. CTA 2 Bach

????04. All Love

????????05. BIGGAVEL f. Lil Yachty

????06. Gerskiway f. Rylo Rodriguez & Veeze

????07. BRAZY4real

????08. EXOTIC

????????09. BBY GOAT f. ????Future

????10. KYLIEE!!!

????????11. Dotted Line

????12. SIGNED UP

????13. TWIN FLOW f. Veeze

????????14. 3 SMSRS STR8 f. Rylo Rodriguez & 42 Dugg

????15. X6


????17. Heavy On My Heart

????18. Ski What It Be

????????19. RIP

????20. OUTRO

This is about as dog shit as it gets when it comes to new age industry plants. I thought we were passed the whole mumble rap genre but its back in full effect. This dude sounds bored, lazy, and uses every single industry word that you can think of more than to the point of overkill for 20 songs. This is an hour I will never get back. This shit is ass, the production is ass, the mix is ass, the features came on here with some bullshit and nothing sounds fun. This honestly sounds like some old white dude hand picked a soundcloud release to see if they could make it pop just so he can talk about it to his friends on the golf course. When the features show up, they sounds so over produced, and over autotuned that it stands out like a female who’s makeup line dead stops at her chin. The Future feature is night and day, he shoulda took notes. I listen to about 4 albums a day, and I have no idea who this dude his, if you know who he is, and rock with this, you should be ashamed of yourself, all ages don’t get a pass for this one.

Project: 0/10 || Art: 6/10 – John D.

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