Pushing 30 – T.R.3

Pushing 30 – T.R.3

Pushing 30 – T.R.3

????01. growth. (intro) f. Creatrix

????02. eye.told.YAH f. Creatrix

????03. she.gave.herself.The.world. f. Sonrisa

????04. let.me.cook. f. Creatrix

????05. Coulda.Been.Recods.

????06. Six.Hours.Left.

????07. sometimes. f. Creatrix

????08. Selfless. (Outro)

Listening to this is like finishing and audio book then realizing you want to actually read the book. This grown man poetry. Do not sleep the punches, bars, and sauce are very present but the message here is not only extremely deep at face value but leaves open so much more for interpretation. His almost struggle strain to his voice adds that much more realness to his slight southern inflections. His flows will get you for sure, and if they don’t I guarantee you the production will. These are some of the most in depth, beautiful beats I have heard and some also have the nerve to switch up on you too towards the end of them. Best way to describe this is if those memorable extremely emotional realization points in classic black movies summarized all the things that the main character is going through but also the viewer. Throw this on for an experience that you are going to want to run back. In rotation.

Project: 9/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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