SPEAK NOW – Moneybagg Yo

SPEAK NOW – Moneybagg Yo

SPEAK NOW – Moneybagg Yo

????????01. ALL YEAR

????????02. SPEAK

????03. P RUN


????????05. TABOO MIAMI


????07. I FEEL IT

????08. DRUNK OFF U f. Chris Brown

????????09. BUSSIN f. Rob49

????10. TIC TAC TOE

????11. GANGSTA RELATE f. Lil Durk

????12. PLAY DA FOOL


????14. ON DET f. YTB Fatt

????????15. WHISKEY WHISKEY f. Morgan Wallen

????16. AW SH*T

????17. GO GHO$T (Interlude) f. Kevo Muney

He got one of the coolest voices in the game as far as southern emcees. Project is solid. By all means this is a trap album, but the energy and subject switches got that old school hip hop feel to it. It even has a gimmicky feature on it with that country dude. You got him just talking street shit, trap shit, and then allot of him going back and forth between loving 1 woman and fucking bitches. I fuck with that. He does exactly whats expected on this, just lots of flows, simple hooks, and repeating catchy shit. The production will decide whether its on replay or just a solid track for sure. It picks up big time at the halfway mark. Features were solid, could’ve used more just for the sake of fun and contrast but big kudos to Durk talking that talk on this. This feels like a complete album, not even on no mixtape energy. Throw this on if you sold some leftover weed you found in your couch. In rotation.

Project: 7.6/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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