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Life Hack – Illtemper & Beatahoe

Life Hack – Illtemper & Beatahoe
Life Hack – Illtemper & Beatahoe
😤1. Intro
🌊2. 5 Stars
🌊3. Sped f. L.E.O.
😤4. Whatever (Interlude)
🔥5. Antichrist
🆗6. Wtf
🌊7. Poisonous
Project is solid, allot to unpack but also allot of potential shown. Small things aside dude lowkey has a speech thing going but I will say it adds more sauce than confusion. The subject matter is on demon time and he fully commits. Hes rapping rapping, just non stop. Not punching hard but throwing them flurries, it dances along the lines of wordplay but also that hungry new rapper energy that you know they will pay for when it comes to playing live but also teach them a valuable lesson in pacing, just the energy tho not really the raps because I can also tell hes being doing this for a minute. All the production on here is a good time, its got that old school Madchild energy with some hints of that Griselda tone. The beats without raps solo are tough as hell too. Feature was ok bit stiff on delivery but didnt ruin it for me. You give this dude a dope engineer, and time to really learn to make his words hit harder and he will be a problem. Not bad, in rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.
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