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I Need Space Not Apologies EP – Scoota 1K

I Need Space Not Apologies EP – Scoota 1K
I Need Space Not Apologies EP – Scoota 1K
🌊1. Dreaming
👍🏾2. Oh Okay f. DJ Quicc
👍🏾3. Link
😴4. Cash Fettish f. DJ Quicc
🌊5. On the Road
👍🏾6. Rockstar f. Skip Killroy
Projects ok. Dude can rap and vibe a bit, but its nothing too crazy, hes honestly making the most out of what hes got, its either he mixed and mastered this or his engineer are very close and they mixed it together. He even mixes up singing rap stuff without changing his cadence much and its just super clean. The production is solid too I feel like they both compliment each-other rather than anything carrying the other. The subject matter is meh not the best, we’ve heard it before, and most likely you have too. Pacing is solid too, I couldn’t listen to an entire album of this but where it stands keeping it short and sweet was the better call. Features were aight, Quicc’s steam ran out by the second time he appeared, and Skip added a tiny bit of contrast to the closing track that wasn’t bad. Worth a spin but thats about it.
6/10 – John D.
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