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Gunz X Bars – Cory Gunz & David Bars

Gunz X Bars – Cory Gunz & David Bars
Gunz X Bars – Cory Gunz & David Bars
🔥01. Like Us
🔥02. Brand New
🔥03. Next Season
🚒04. Apply Pressure
🌊05. Curtains
🌊06. Grateful
🔥07. The Money Room
👍08. Identical
This album is an even split of lyrics between Cory and David. Both these emcees are polished, weaving rhyme schemes with occasional bursts of complexity then relaxing back into the narrative without losing focus. I would have loved to hear some back and forth action but the two voices are so different they still complement each other nicely. Content is pretty hood all the way through. This is avirex and beanie music that would sound great coming through a boombox. Cory Gunz and David Bars are flexing with authority on beats that come through like war drums peppered in with a couple street love songs. Overall this is an 8 track assault on your ear drums, if you’re not listening close then you’re missing something.
9.5/10 – Euphonic
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