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To Whom It May Concern – Trajik1

To Whom It May Concern – Trajik1
??01. Muñeca Intro
?02. Demonz f. DJ 9-Thou
?03. Chasin’ a Bag f. Rob Payne & RecklessDWR
??04. Hope They Understand f. Joseph Save
??05. Look In My Eyez f. RecklessDWR
?06. Lljv f. ?Dubbygotbars
?07. The Only One
?08. Forever f. ?Dubbygotbars
?09. Home
?10. Osito Outro
To get the bad out the way, the delivery. His delivery takes so much away from this, its like the initial comes in fine but closing out each bar it seems to be off time most of the time. Its strange because it would probably work if he was using a more talk delivery, not rap voice but you cant help but hear off timing when its in rap voice. The production is great on this one, its honestly very good, its hard to rate a track too low because its that good, its that unique, dope flips, sad boy sounds, great drums, pacing and all. The content is very grounded too if you just listen, very heartfelt, very real but unfortunately the delivery loses that in translation. Features added allot of contrast this needed for sure, and saved as much of this as they could. All around its not something I would bump again because the things I would take from this are almost always not from him himself sadly. What hurts the most is with small simple changes to delivery and even cadence this would be so much better. Need an executive producer from different lands to listen to his releases before they drop for sure.
4/10 – John D.

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